Ambiguity and Subjectivity


The HEMAN dataset: A musical pattern annotation dataset.

  • Version 1: Six pieces with 12 annotators (ICMPC 2018:
  • Version 2: Six pieces with 35 annotators (in preparation)
  • Version 3: Six pieces with 13 annotators (in preparation)
  • Version 4: more coming!


  • Iris Yuping Ren, Oriol Nieto, Hendrik Vincent Koops, Anja Volk, Wouter Swierstra, “Investigating Musical Pattern Ambiguity in a Human Annotated Dataset”. International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition/European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music. Graz, Germany, 2018.
  • Matevž Pesek, Darian Tomašević, Iris Yuping Ren, Matija Marolt. An opensource web-based Pattern Annotation Framework - PAF. Late breaking demo. ISMIR 2019.
  • Stephan Wells, Iris Yuping Ren, Anja Volk. Creating a Tool for Faciltiating and Researching Human Annotation of Musical Patterns. Late breaking demo. ISMIR 2019.